DRC: Bayenda literacy project

Excerpt: "...Bahá'í literacy programs for women in Kenya, India, Zaire, and Panama exemplify the rich variety, originality, and responsiveness of programs that spring from the grass roots. In Kenya, women's literacy rests on a series of mothers' booklets, developed by the Bahá'ís to assist women to teach health, agriculture, morals, and domestic skills to children. These booklets have been shared with Bahá'í communities around the world and are currently being translated into 26 languages. In Panchgani, India, 30 literacy centers operated by a Bahá'í school served 900 adults in 1984, 750 of whom were women; in 1989, the program had expanded to 100 centers in 60 villages. Since 1987, 2500 students in Zaire have completed literacy courses offered by the Bahá'í community. The "Bayanda Project" has experienced a high rate of success with a literacy program for the Bayandas (Pygmies) of north-eastern Zaire who previously had little or no opportunity for formal education; 70% were women and girls..."

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