ROC: World Bank: "Support to Basic Education Project"

Project: Support to Basic Education Project
TTL: Adriana Jaramillo
Appraisal Date: June 22, 2004
Board Date: September 23, 2004
Sector: General education sector (100%)
Lending Instruments: Specific Investment Loan
Environmental Category: B Safeguard Classification: S2

Project Objectives: The project development objectives are to improve efficiency in the allocation and management of resources, improve the quality of the education services offered, and reduce the inequities in the provision of these services. In order to achieve these objectives, the proposed Project will pursue a three-fold agenda of action:

1) it builds the capacity of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to prepare the system for decentralization, in particular providing support to the Regional Departments of Education (RDE) to develop and monitor regional education plans, and strengthen their capacity to provide support to the
school system;

2) it provides support to the improvement of quality of education services
offered by providing direct support to schools, through the implementation of a National School Improvement Program; and

3) provides support to increase equity in the provision of services, by providing free textbooks, allocating resources based on a per capita formula,
focusing rehabilitation efforts in underserved areas, and providing support to out of school youth and excluded population such as PYGMIES.

The outcome indicators of the project will be:
a) Improvement of the quality of the education services offered in primary
and lower secondary measured by
-Increased primary and lower secondary completion rates
-Decreased repetition and/dropout rates for primary and lower secondary
b) Improvement of the Management Capacity of the MEPSA measured by
-Readiness for decentralization of management- Capacity of RDEs to
develop and monitor education plans
-Decreased in teacher/student ratio;
-Increased in the Teachers to non teachers ratio in the schools

Results indicators by component are as follows:
a) the regional department education offices improve their
performance on three main aspects: 1
)Develop and Monitor Regional Education Plans; 2) Provide Pedagogical Support to Schools, (in-service teacher training, textbooks and teaching and
learning materials) and 3) Manage Human Resources in an
efficient way reducing the ratio of administrative/teaching staff.

At the central level, the project will provide technical assistance to the Ministries of Education, to enable the preparation of a sector-wide program, that will provide a coherent vision of the sector, and will state the short-, medium- and long-term goals for each of the sub-sectors.
b) Rehabilitation of School infrastructure:
(i) 400 classrooms will be rehabilitated and equipped by the end of the project ; (ii) the ratio pupils to table will decrease from 5 to 1 to 2 to 1 in
selected schools, at the end of the project;
(iii) training of 1,700 school management committees in charge of developing school improvement plans by the end of the project.
c) Support to the improvement of quality of education:
(i) training of 240 training staff by the end of the project ;
(ii) training of 2,600 school principals by the end of the project;
(iii) training of 6,000 teachers by the end of the project;
(iv) 2 million school textbooks produced and distributed by the end of the project.

d) Support to out of school youth and children in special needs (PYGMIES): number of out of school youth that participated in the
alphabetization program by the end of project;
(ii) increase the number of alphabetized pygmies,
(iii) development of a national policy for social inclusion of youth at risk and pygmy children.

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